Wouter Sessink
JAGD – Parlay

Music video for Amsterdam indierock band JAGD. My first chance to work with the ALEXA Mini camera, and my first time to work in woods plagued by zombies. The concept was conceived together with the band. The individual musicians travel from their own worlds (a retro digital desertscape, a zombie infested trailer park, a day of commuters’ disconnect) to a place where they join forces to play music. JAGD is the winner of Amsterdam Popprijs 2016.

Concept by Jagd & Wouter Sessink
Directed, shot & edited by Wouter Sessink
Co-directed by Luuk Meijer

Motion graphics: Rein Blank
Visual effects: Wouter Sessink, Luuk Meijer
Color grading: Remi Lindenhovius
Make-up artists: Jet Nugter, Sophie van Duren
Special make up effects: Alana van den Berg, Melissa van den Berg
Starring: Jagd, Bob de Goede, Jeroen Vrielink, Josje de Rijk, Marley de Rijk, Paola Lopez, Victoria O’Neill,
Extra’s: Jelle Stavasius, Zuzana Blystanova

Thanks to: Andre Neering, Bas Bergers, Beemflights, Gert Willem Visser, Hanneke de Leeuw, Jeroen de Rijk, Jeroen Vrielink, Judith von Reeken, Marc van Dijk, Marijn Ottenhof, Sugarfactory, Sytse Winkel, Ties Versteeg
Special thanks to: Daan Nugter, Max Maloney, Margriet Meijer, Paleis van Mieris, Tessa de Rijk,

Jagd is: Nanne van der Linden, Timo Mes, Jos Neering, Luuk Meijer

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